About Us

Wild Capture is dedicated to developing the next generation of spatial media products that enable creators to produce high-quality digital humans with cutting edge volumetric technologies and industry-standard practices. Through our recently introduced ‘Digital Human Platform’, we provide high quality, functional volumetric video production and consulting services for the creation and realization of digital humans and volumetric crowds; virtual world-building for the metaverse and games/VR/XR; advanced performance capture machine learning workflows – in real-time – and more. Launched in 2020 the Wild Capture leadership team is comprised of filmmaking, VFX and virtual production visionaries who are credited with pushing the evolution of new media productions over two decades.

Wild Capture is currently offering clients performance capture technology and production services at every stage of the creative process to produce content that inspires and engages realistic digital humans for use in media production, software development and web-based applications On the development side, Wild Capture is actively developing interactive CG fashion and volumetric crowd kits. These assets are currently offered to clients as a “production-as-a-service” model and will soon be available as stand-alone products.

Wild Capture also enjoy partnerships with leading acquisition technologies, including, 4D Views. In conjunction with the XR Foundation, we are co-developing the Universal Volumetric (UVol) web streaming player, a cross-platform, open-source framework for web-based volumetric video. Wild Capture is now offering commercial servicing of UVol used for the playback of digital humans in virtual space.


Wilfred Driscoll

Chief Executive Officer

Louis Normandin

Director of Operations

Evan Pesses

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Board of Advisors

Gregg Gerdau

Member Advisor

Andrew Katz

Member Advisor

Benedict Occhiogrosso

Member Advisor