Wild Capture Augment

Enrich your Digital Human 3D assets with the control you need and the level of detail required to deliver your project on time and within budget
Provide additional detail in the textures, reaching up to 24K resolution for impeccable expressivity.
Equip your animated 3D asset with bones structures to obtain a rigged, posable model.
Enrich the 3D character with a UV map enabling smooth texturing.

How it works

Wild Capture Unify is a fully managed volumetric capture transformation service that makes it easier to create lifelike 3D animations. Augment your characters a set of tools to add layers of enrichment to the animated 3D character output by Unify process.

Volumetric footage

From capture stage systems


Enrich 3D models with controls and properties

Unify library

Access library of non processed footage and processed outputs

Client Access

library of content, apply new processing to create new assets

Uses Cases

Build presence in immersive media

Optimize surface textures to eliminate artifacts from the initial capture, providing lifelike skin detail and improved clarity of character motion

Enrich your 3D scenes with Human characters

High fidelity volumetric video with character boundaries that automate the animation with the world around them

Interactive Crowd and Fashion Tools

Digital cloth and crowd tools with real world physics for endless customization and lifelike crowd behaviors

Deliver Realistic Expressions with AI Facial Uprez

Deliver human essence and preserve performance and likeness with 16K facial resolution


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How to get started

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Accelerate your projects

You can use Wild Capture Digital Human Platform to boost your 3d animation pipeline by 4x.