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Wild Capture Announces its Digital Human Platform

UPDATE 2/10/22: Stream Wild Capture's volumetric fashion demo straight to your mobile or desktop with a sharable URL. Pinch scroll and zoom your way through our early fashion demo. This early test shows how Wild Capture can take a pre-existing alembic mesh input and a 2D pattern from Marvelous Designer or CLO3D and automatically pair it to the body for an automated result. With a little bit of touch up, this result will be cleaned up for final delivery. Volumetric + CG Cloth automation. 2D video demos are below.

In the new era of digital humans, it has become clear that successful pipelines for digital humans are key to the mass adoption of volumetric video and to creating digital humans in spatial media. Wild Capture’s Digital Human Platform is a suite of toolsets and technologies that work together to create high quality digital human assets that comport to commonly used 3D platforms. This allows creators to access optimum volumetric assets quickly with minimal quality or function loss. 

To that end, and with the upcoming announcement of Wild Capture's first AAA client. The company is pleased to announce the creation and release of it’s Digital Human Platform. For nearly the last 3 years Wild Capture has been developing a series of tools and technologies built on decades of immersive industry experience. These new tools and technologies are designed to give creators the digital humans toolkits they need for various spatial media pipelines.

Wild Capture has created numerous workflows and architectures, an asset library and an array of products that allow customization tools for digital humans as its release launch of the Wild Capture Digital Human Platform. This platform includes digital fashion tools that allow for realistic digital clothing that can be applied in ways that feel and move in lifelike ways and allow for customizable control of the fabric including size changes, logos for product placement, and digital dye/color customization. The also includes Wild Capture's Cohort Crowd Kit, that allows creators the ability to replicate, randomize and customize volumetric assets into 3D worlds to create lifelike crowd behaviors based on high quality smart assets.

Kaelyn Kastle UVol demonstration from live streamed mobile recording. Actual volumetric web streaming performance is here .

Other useful videos can be found on our Vimeo pages.

These fabric and crowd kits are designed to seamlessly interact with Wild Capture's Digital Human Platform. Meaning that assets can have digital clothing applied, then be populated inside of a crowd kit. Or any other mix and match possibility of need. Lossless translation of data to give creators high quality solutions to their digital human needs.

Setting the bar for Quality and Audience Engagement

The idea for creators is that the audience must feel like what they are engaging is a representation of their own human experience. The necessary connection to creating an engaged user base is the believability of that recreated human experience. The development of the Digital Human Platform and its ability to engage the audience of any creator or performer comes at an important time because only now are the assets are believable in presentation and movement and the bandwidths becoming large enough to support it.

Brands worldwide are trying to find new ways to engage the audience and new ways to explore high quality spatial media (3D) messaging. Digital human performance technology has only been close to the uncanny valley up until this point but it representation and executions more often than not fall short of breaking it. From spatial media, advertising and physical installations of the technologies that support it, new markets and jobs are being created with physical installations and the technology pipelines that support them.

Volumetric content has the ability to drive user engagement in new ways that have never been possible before. and when that delivery mechanism is driven by believable digital human pipeline, it inspires the audience to engage and will do the heavy lifting for the messaging and inspiration of the audience.

Premiere technologies on the Wild Capture Digital Human Platform?

The premiere technologies of Wild Capture's Digital Human Platform are the Cohort Crowd Kit and Digital Fashion Tool Kit. Both of these technologies enhance the Wild Capture digital human ecosystem by providing lossless translation of the digital human workflow as artist demand for complicated and specific technological needs increases, the Wild Capture pre-built technologies help creative users accomplish their goals.

The Cohort Crowd Kit customizes digital human libraries to populate virtual world systems. While the Wild Capture Digital Fashion Toolkit provides fashion designers, both physical and virtual, a pipeline for lifelike CG Cloth with real world physics that can be integrated with digital human assets and libraries that use high quality data pipelines for new media production, app and software based development and web deployments.

Cohort Crowd Kit

Wild Capture’s Cohort Crowd Kit allows the digital artist to create virtual crowds based on volumetric performance libraries. These crowd performances can then be duplicated, customized and randomized.  Additional features like CG Cloth for product placement or color changing clothing are available. Or additional clothing, props or features like hats, purses and other digital fashion possibilities can be added.  The Cohort Crowd Kit app and plug-in has the interact with world engines to give the ability to pre-render crowd capabilities, complete with volumetric fashion and NFT trackability for internal sharing and use within this space all make Wild Capture the go to developer for volumetric VFX solutions.

Digital Fashion Toolkit

The Wild Capture Digital Fashion Toolkit creates CG Cloth in virtual spaces and solves the necessary volumetric character interaction to create lifelike realism. Features to add logos or designs for art direction and product placement are already being used for Wild Capture's service clients. As is the ability to adjust cloth dimensions, allowing for unique modeling for every volumetric character.  All digital fabric is created from traditional CG Cloth designs, then applied and adjusted for collisions and real world physics in the virtual world.

The Digital Fashion Toolkit is now being used by Wild Capture in partnership with Savitude, a California based clothing design company, to demonstrate the Digital Cloth Tool's cloth render capabilities for their Savitude's digital fashion designs. Wild Capture produced volumetric content for a range of models, all ranging in figure, to provide digital humans for Savitude’s digital clothing landscape and experience.

Wild Capture Creates Smart Assets for Volumetric Video

The standard for volumetric video to date has been that the model delivery was given as a the capture company’s proprietary export which minimized it’s ability, or a more universal and bulky ABC file.  Wild Capture has created a pipeline for assets that save time and preserve quality for the various iterations of the client’s need to create assets that can have higher levels of manipulability, all based on simplifying the data stream to cover the 3 main media data streams of volumetric content; High quality media assets, software or app based assets, and web deliverable assets.  All having unique structure requirements and limitations, but the same keyway or throughline that ties them all together.

There are many creative uses of this technology that utilize high end activations for artificial intelligence in this space.

The data used to create digital humans as a hologram is the same data that creates digital humans for a game or a software application. It’s just repurposed as necessary for the creative artist. Wild Capture Smart Assets use artificial intelligence to create bone structures within the models. Essentially using markerless motion capture from raw data input and gives the CG artist a rigged digital human that can be adjusted at the joints. See here for demonstration.

These rigged, posable smart assets can also have head replacements and digital clothing that can be added. Useful for VFX or other creative activations. Also available is a gallery of props and accessories that can easily be added to the smart asset in believable ways that trick the human brain. When produced as a trackable NFT, it can be secured with provable ownership across the internet. Find updates on Wild Capture’s demonstrations on these technologies soon.

@antibot_z in volumetric video
Wild Capture Creates a Digital Human Workflow creating solutions for creators and artists

All of the technologies on Wild Captures Digital Human Platform are being designed as downloadable applications for plug in use that translates between various technologies.  Currently, Wild Capture’s inward facing strategy has been to secure all for the pipelines for the workflow. The next steps will attract the talent required to take on the many development and product based challenges and solutions needed to create new ways for artists to easily use Wild Capture’s smart assets, or there very own volumetric assets. The key is to build the roadways for other emerging and established talents to create their own high quality creative deliveries.

The processes that Wild Capture has vetted throughout the years produces high quality smart assets through rigorous process based workflows that are designed to be comported to the different media needs. When the artist receives the asset, they can be sure that they will have the most flexibility and control to go along with the highest quality of any smart asset available.

As part of Wild Capture’s Digital Human Platform, smart assets and tools that have long been in development are now being used to service Wild Capture's clients and soon they can be widely used to create solutions to highly technical and visually demanding digital human projects. These solutions are designed to fix key problems that are already challenging media production companies, like digital human crowds and CG Cloth for use with digital humans.

A Creative new way to stream High Quality Volumetric Video

Ohno Jugo performance available here

Universal Volumetric, or UVol, is Wild Capture’s co-developed open-source low latency volumetric web streaming technology. In short, it is a volumetric web streaming codec that allows users to engage digital human performances with audio and are viewed directly from the viewer’s web browser and accessed from a shareable URL. Developed and released for open source with the XR Foundation, it is the first giant step toward sharable, scalable digital human holograms with no software or headset required. 

Wild Capture now services UVol commercially for its clients as a dailies or proofing delivery service among other uses. Furthermore it is used in Wild Capture’s Digital Human Platform as a translation tool for web technologies and as its own NFT pipeline at the end of Wild Capture’s Digital Human Workflow, This NFT pipeline, which has also been co-developed as open source technology.

Uvol empowers volumetric video when bandwidth is limited or immediate distribution is necessary. By starting with high quality smart assets, the UVol end products provide believable digital humans that engage the audience to make believe. 

Development for other platforms is the next step to creating roadways for this technology to thrive. Wild Capture is dedicated to building the roadways that give people the ability to access this technology.

How does UVol fit into the Wild Capture platform?

UVol is the codec that Wild Capture uses for all of its web based activations but it touches other parts of the platform as necessary. UVol is essential for quickly shareable URL assets that allow the client or artists to proof the character content before the assets go to their virtual environment. So in this part of the pipeline, UVol creates the ability for a client to access multiple takes to make the best selections. Wild Capture's partnership with the XR Foundation with this over the last 3 years of development have fueled it with high quality captures so that when the compression occurs, the quality remains.

UVol is engaging the development of plug-ins for the platforms most used by top tier creative artists and technologists. The most likely early developments would support platforms and ecosystems such as Unreal, Houdini, Maya and Blender among others. These tools will empower the use of digital humans as an optimum solution so that each of these individual platforms can quickly become efficient two lane roadways. By bringing these roadways and the individual technologies of Wild Capture’s Digital Human Platform together, new and creative ways to utilize this technology can be built upon it. For now, it is a framework for digital humans in web or other bandwidth limited formats and it can be accessed as streaming media content.  See Wild Capture’s Digital Human Performance Gallery here.

Wild Capture has always used high quality control measures to make breath taking digital humans

Digital Humans and AI together for Solutions in Volumetric Video

Wild Capture takes raw data from the various acquisition platforms and directly injects the data into its various AI pipelines to build and enforce various machine learning intelligence data processes for its assets. Things like Skeletal solves using markerless motion capture capture exists as pose estimation products are already in use for Wild Capture’s clients. Body Segmentation for head and limb replacement is also available for Wild Capture service clients but will soon be made available as part of Wild Capture’s further scoped AI based product developments.

From a workflow perspective, these assets have their own pipeline that inject data into and then outputs the result back into the Wild Capture workflow. Things like skeletal solves can be re-integrated back into the smart asset or in the case of markerless motion capture data can be delivered directly to the client. Other AI data will be developed as the backbone of developed tool sets that have their own or other implementations built on AI. Body segmentation, as an example, will rely on tools that can help quickly identify the proper way to segment the limbs and/or head. But this function will not only require volumetric models from which to segment, but user controls to allow targeting and adjustments to the segmentation for creative and technical purposes. 

AI Product List and Services Now Available

Pose Estimation for skeletal solves - Bones structures for rigged, posable 3D models

Markerless Motion Capture Services - Pose Estimation for Markerless Motion Capture data

All of Wild Capture’s AI products are designed to use performance data to provide solutions to complicated problems in spatial media. Also, to coexist with not only the other technologies on the Digital Human Platform but also the other platform technologies that Wild Capture translates, creating data pipeline solutions for artists of every native platform preference. 

Using AI products to provide wraparound technology and seamless production workflows

All of Wild Capture's technologies are designed in a step by step process in a way that allows the capability to accept data from any major volumetric manufacturer and redistribute it as necessary within the platform so that it can be exported as a lossless export for media productions, app and software based deliveries and web deployments. Wild Capture's individual platform and plugin technologies are designed to precision target specific needs for the performance asset in order to process and comport to more widely used interfaces.

Wild Capture is dedicated to bringing high quality content to market and putting tools in the hands of creators that bring awareness to the true potential of the technology. The Wild Capture Digital Human Platform is the first to market with a complete volumetric pipeline and the technology products that support it. As creators produce high quality commercial activations, Wild Capture will continue to build the ecosystem.

NFT Science and Service

Any digital human performance within the Wild Capture platform can be minted as a volumetric NFT. Because of Wild Capture's lossless compression formatting, combined with its extensive & custom workflow, Wild Capture has the ability to mint any of its finalized outputs as a streamable NFT that plays on the Universal Volumetric streaming web player (Uvol) as an interactive asset. Inquire for link to original volumetric NFT.

All of this exists under Wild Capture's Digital Human Platform and it's associated, partnered entity platforms. This means that with the commercialized use of open source software, Wild Capture can export it's finished outputs as minted NFT for its client's

Wild Capture and the XR Foundation minted the world's first volumetric video NFT in June of 2021. Samples are available upon request.

What other technologies are on the Wild Capture Digital Human Platform?

Wild Capture is always developing new technology for digital humans and has been now for nearly 3 years. Because of that we now have a wide array of technologies that will be made available as bespoke services and technologies. Plug-ins that help wide audiences adopt digital humans as an optimum art is top priority. But in order to do that, we have to create products that users in this space are going to want.

What does this mean for the future of volumetric content going forward?

In the coming years, as AR and XR experiences will eventually become part of virtual culture and as physical installations of digital content become more accessible. Manufacturers and developers of all kinds will be implementing the technology as sales/messaging driven products. In the next two years, the bandwidths for data will be more freely accessible. This will allow for the modern day digital human to be accessible for new media purposes.

The cornerstone of digital humans as an entirely new way of messaging and communications is a translatable digital human performance pipeline. The combined power of collective technologies en masse gives the next wave of 3D creators the ability to engage audiences with nearly jaw dropping, show stopping engagements.

It is Wild Capture’s mission to make this technology available to everyone. And in that matter Wild Capture has co-developed open source technologies that can be built upon, shared and used for volumetric engagements across the globe. Meanwhile, we continue to support high end activations that inspire and engage audiences and draw awareness to the potential of digital humans as an optimum art.

Where is this technology 2 years from now?

In the coming years, as AR and XR experiences become part of virtual culture and as physical installations of digital content become more accessible. Manufacturers and developers of all kinds will be implementing the technology as sales/messaging driven products. In the next two years, the bandwidths for data will be more freely accessible. This will allow for the modern day digital human to be accessible for new media purposes.


Ongoing updates for demonstrations, press and more can be found here on this case study. the UVol web streaming volumetric player, Digital Fashion Toolkit, Cohort Crowd kit or other applied digital human technologies can all be found at WildCapture.io. For more information on this, please reach out to Wild Capture through the contact page provided, or connect on social media.

Original posting date Monday, January 3rd 2022



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