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New Web Streaming Technology Presents Interactive Digital Humans

Universal Volumetric (Uvol) is an open source volumetric streaming volumetric web player. It is an entirely new way to encode and decode volumetric video for deployment in web 3.0. After two years of development between Wild Capture and XR Foundation. Wild Capture is announcing its commercial use and application of the open source web player to develop ongoing relationships for deployment of UVol to promote high quality volumetric video in this space.

Volumetric Digital Fashion as Ecommerce in UVol

Wild Capture has found a way to layer digital cloth designs over the model in a way that allows the user to change the clothing within the player. Below is an example. For more on how Wild Capture Digital Fashion Toolkit is available.

UVol is a low latency high quality volumetric video codec that creates superb volumetric videos that can be controlled as interactive media for web based virtual worlds, app and mobile activations and other telecom and technology use cases. Boasting the longest clip times available, UVol is the most stable player available to date. yielding high quality volumetric content with smooth engaging responsiveness and camera control. Universal Volumetric is the path for the highest quality volumetric video delivered in 2022.
Digital Humans with Shareable Links
Shareable URLs make it easy to share viral volumetric videos. This makes using UVol commercially to distribute volumetric content a complete marketing tool that has vast marketing potential in 2022 due to its vastly undersaturated usage.
As a testament to its flexibility and adaptation for next generation quality control, UVol can detect your connection and serve medium quality and high quality volumetric content across a variety of bandwidths ranges.‍

Collective Partnerships Brings Volumetric Web Streaming

Wild Capture and XR Foundation have partnered to bring together digital humans with virtual worlds. The first result of the collaboration is the development of this web based media player for volumetric video. The open source "Universal Volumetric" Web Streaming Video Player has arrived.
Developed as part of an open source initiative between Wild Capture and the XR Foundation, Universal Volumetric (UVol) has arrived as the go-to codec for web based volumetric content. With the ongoing collaboration between XR Foundation and Wild Capture, the development continues to commercially serviceable needs in the coming months ahead. Meanwhile the development for this web based technology continues.

Creating Realistic Immersive Web Based Experience

UVol is a coding system that supports advanced 3D worlds for virtual environments with limited bandwidths, the use of digital humans in this space only natural. Throughout 2021, demos were being created and distributed as easily accessible, interactive volumetric content.
Now, with the ongoing development of the UVol streaming web format, it is being used as part of other larger developments for ecommerce and spatial media messaging. Meanwhile for commercially serviceable needs, volumetric videos are used as shareable assets for client approval before distribution.
People can create unique worlds with their own rules in the engine editor. They can have models of different sizes or places with different gravities. The whole experience provides feedback that is completely impossible in a 2D environment. Even right now, these virtual worlds provide a breadth of experience that will be revolutionary. Open source file formats have been incorporated so that just like a jpeg, you can now put a fully rendered 3d human with full aesthetics that you can look at and interact with that digital human being.

Codec technologies are now here that deliver textures and 3D spatial data for New Media Activations

Universal Volumetric uses cutting edge high speed 3d model decompression tech with video textures using hardware accelerated codes. It can also use flexible texture techniques in the browser for high quality across many render use cases including Lightfield, XR, streaming, depth field and volumetric instances.

The Tech Tree of Uvol

Initially designed as a universal interchange format from 4 known volumetric formats, Uvol development streamlines them all to a common format with added web playback support. Now, it's being rebuilt in a more efficient compression with higher quality delivery. Soon it will have a suite of open source proprietary tools for all major 3d content pipelines adding more flexibility to go beyond universal volumetric and to be used for cases of novel 3D content and will be baking high quality digital humans and virtual experiences.

What is Wild Capture doing with professional streaming volumetric?

Wild Capture is currently working in partnered agreements for activations and wide scale use and adoption of the Universal Volumetric web streaming codec. As a cornerstone of the current virtual world revolution, the capabilities of this platform will give creators new tools to engage audiences in entirely new ways. Virtual crowds can be created, embedded uses for streaming video platforms and more can be brought to web, application and media markets.


Original Publishing Date January 10th 2022

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