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Wild Capture's Cohort Fashion Toolkit is now available. See updated demo here


Wild Capture's Cohort Fashion technology for Digital Humans and Volumetric Video

Wild Capture is announcing the ongoing development and demonstration of its new Digital Fashion Toolkit for volumetric video and digital humans. After two years of development, this ongoing technology is being developed as part of Wild Capture's Digital Human Platform. The Digital Fashion Toolkit applies CG Cloth to volumetric video assets as an interactive CG cloth with lifelike performance and physics. All part of Wild Capture’s fast expanding Digital Human Platform.

The Digital Fashion Toolkit creates CG fabric in 3D virtual spaces and solves the necessary volumetric character interaction to create lifelike realism. Also adding logos or designs for art direction and product placement and the ability to adjust cloth dimensions, allowing for unique modeling for digital human libraries.

All digital fabric is created from traditional CG Cloth design tools, then applied and adjusted for collisions and real world physics. The new Digital Fashion Toolkit opens up new pipelines and workflows for digital cloth in new media, digital messaging, NFT services and more.

UPDATE 2/10/22: Stream Wild Capture's volumetric fashion demo straight to your mobile or desktop with a sharable URL. Pinch scroll and zoom your way through our early fashion demo. This early test shows how Wild Capture can take a pre-existing alembic mesh input and a 2D pattern from Marvelous Designer or CLO3D and automatically pair it to the body for an automated result. With a little bit of touch up, this result will be cleaned up for final delivery. Volumetric + CG Cloth automation. 2D video demos are below.

Older demo below.

Using AI and Computer Vision for Volumetric Video and Digital Fashion

The standard for volumetric video to date has been that the model delivery was given as a the capture company’s proprietary export which minimized it’s ability, or a more universal and bulky ABC file.  Wild Capture has created a pipeline for assets that save time and preserve quality for the various iterations of the client’s need to create assets that can have higher levels of manipulability, all based on simplifying the data stream to cover the 3 main media data streams of volumetric content; High quality media assets, software or app based assets, and web deliverable assets.  All having unique structure requirements and limitations, but the same keyway or through line that ties them all together.

By using Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques, Wild Capture is demonstrating the potential for digital humans that can be automated to save hundreds of hours of animating and adjustments.

There are many creative uses of this technology that utilize high end activations for artificial intelligence in this space. Many of which are geared at automation to save creators time and money. By leading with science, finely tuned AI systems can deduce useful technologies that are powered by using a large number of sample files.

The data used to create digital humans as a hologram is the same data that creates digital humans for a game or a software application. It’s just repurposed as necessary for the creative artist. Wild Capture Smart Assets use artificial intelligence to create bone structures within the models. Essentially using markerless motion capture from raw data input and gives the CG artist a rigged digital human that can be adjusted at the joints. See here for demonstration.

These rigged, posable smart assets can also have head replacements and digital clothing that can be added. Useful for VFX or other creative activations. Also available is a gallery of props and accessories that can easily be added to the smart asset in believable ways that trick the human brain. When produced as a trackable NFT, it can be secured with provable ownership across the internet. Find updates on Wild Capture’s demonstrations on these technologies soon.

Setting the bar for Quality and Audience Engagement

The idea for creators is that the audience must feel like what they are engaging is a representation of their own human experience. The necessary connection to creating an engaged user base is the believability of that recreated human experience. The development of the Digital Human Platform and its ability to engage the audience of any creator or performer comes at an important time because only now are the assets are believable in presentation and movement and the bandwidths becoming large enough to support it.

Brands worldwide are trying to find new ways to engage the audience and new ways to explore high quality spatial media (3D) messaging. Digital human performance technology has only been close to the uncanny valley up until this point but it representation and executions more often than not fall short of breaking it. From spatial media, advertising and physical installations of the technologies that support it, new markets and development jobs are being created with physical installations and the technology pipelines that support them.

Volumetric content has the ability to drive user engagement in new ways that have never been possible before. and when that delivery mechanism is driven by believable digital human pipeline, it inspires the audience to engage and will do the heavy lifting for the messaging and inspiration of the audience.

E-commerce possibilities with Streaming Volumetric Video and Digital Fashion Tools

Wild Capture's Digital Fashion Toolkit creates CG Cloth in virtual spaces to solve the necessary volumetric character interaction that creates lifelike realism. Features to add logos or designs for art direction and product placement for branding activations are currently being used by Wild Capture's service clients. As is the ability to adjust cloth application, allowing for unique modeling effects for every volumetric character. Slow motions, for instance can be applied to models within the live physical demonstration. All digital fabric is created from traditional CG Cloth designs, then applied and adjusted for collisions and real world physics in the virtual world.

The Digital Fashion Toolkit is now being used by Wild Capture in partnership with Savitude. Savitude is a California based technology company that is reshaping fashion by using body shape, size, and design principles to assist the design and merchandising teams to meet consumers’ fit needs and reduce the need for returns.

The intended purpose of this collaboration is to demonstrate the Digital Cloth Tool's cloth render capabilities with models wearing Savitude's inclusive and sustainability based designs. Wild Capture produced volumetric content and an ecommerce shopping tool with their UVol streaming volumetric media player. All of this for a range of models, all ranging in figure, to provide digital humans assets as well as the art & technical direction to get the CG Cloth designs onto the bodies. Implemented with a complete virtual environment for the demonstration final stages.

Digital Fashion Toolkit for New Media Productions

Wild Capture has a complete pipeline for high quality volumetric video, known as the Digital Human Platform. The data workflow for this pipeline feeds new media activations in Gaming Technologies, such as its use with Unreal Engine and Unity. This also opens up the doors for digital fashion for use with virtual production stages or other XR activations.

As the use of virtual production stages grows, the need for background and middle ground characters to have wardrobe flexibility is a tool that VFX Supervisors and Companies will be able to use in the commercial and enterprise use cases.

Digital Fashion for Holographic Sales and Messaging

Another use of this technology is the ability to use it on physical hologram installations. Digital clothing can be added to pre-fabricated performances or the activation of brand new model sets. Quickly allowing digital human assets to have customizable clothing added to create new 3D holographic installations. The current market mostly uses photogrammetry to execute their holograms. Soon to come will be volumetric humans in these holographic spaces.

Current Projects/Partnerships/Demos

The Digital Fashion Toolkit is being used in an upcoming virtual event as part of the Dallas Austin Metaverse Experience and virtual concert. Within which 3 performances have been selected for virtual live performance hosted by Dallas Austin. Also made available from this demo are 3 individual performances by Dallas Austin, Kaelyn Kastle and Jazzy the Rapper. Each performance has its own virtual environment and its own dancing crowd. The user experiences the event.

As part of the demo phase and use case for The Digital Fashion Toolkit, performer Kaelyn Kastle agreed to be captured as a volumetric model, as a music video for her song "Sunsets Suck".

In one of the music video's key sequences, Kaelyn Kastle is seen dancing on the shoreline of a beach. She is performing in a bikini as the virtual cameras whiz by. Wild Capture's Digital Fashion Toolkit is used in this sequence to add a light cloth shaw that drifts in the virtual breeze as she performs. The sample attached here shows the actual clothin worn during the performance. CG Cloth Demo coming soon.

Kaelyn Kastle UVol demonstration from live streamed mobile recording. Actual volumetric web streaming performance is here.

HIgh Resolution Models without CG Cloth Tool

Wardrobe choices for volumetric performances are critical in the process when it comes to capturing performance models. Costume Designer for Kaelyn Kastle, "Elijah the Creative" worked with Wild Capture to design wardrobe choices that made for excellent representation in the volume. "Having wardrobe that would flow nicely as the performer moves but not so much that it obstruct to much of itself was the key to creating something that engages the audience. Most have not seen something like this before." says Elijah Brown (Elijah Thee Creator).

This project page showing the use of Wild Capture's Digital Fashion Toolkit for the Kaelyn Kastle music video can be found here.

One of the things most professionals look for when trying to judge the overall quality of a volumetric performance capture (digital human) is the overall level of details in the fabric. How well you can tell the difference in contrast between different sides of the performer or the fabric? Is the acquisition keen to not lose contour or contrast. Is there enough 3D specularity in how the model is photographed? These questions and more can identify some of the ways better image quality and believability can achieved. More on this can be found on the Digital Human Blog here.

"For us at Wild Capture, this is a proving ground for Digital Fashion toolkit and some many other offerings that Wild Capture is presenting. Our Cohort Crowd Kit, our Digital Fashion Toolkit and our UVol web streaming technologies all get to take center stage as we go forward into the next steps in this virtual space" Says Evan pesses, Head of Strategic Relationships at Wild Capture. "The idea is that we demonstrate the highest quality level as this process is duplicatable and designed for high end creators and activations."

Digital Fashion for Waste Reduction

One of the benefits of this technology is the reduction of waste and byproduct, as well as the limiting factor it has on the return/exchange rates of product by customers as better fitting awareness can be driven.

Because fashion trends regarding exact sizes and that physical models can give accurate size and planning information, more accurate estimations can be made on physical materials for production at scale. This is especially important when supply chain issues arise or when the timing is critical and when order deadlines become tight. In that regard the Fashion Toolkit is designed to reduce the concept through delivery timeline by translating real world to virtual world measurements and quickly producing rendered digital humans wearing 3D digital fashion.

When combining these workflows and toolsets and an understanding of the business practices, including stages of the fashion cycle, companies can overcome supply chain issues and the time allotted to make changes before final delivery deadlines. Delivery of the finished designs is expedited as digital samples of real world physics can produce multiple samples overnight instead of waiting for samples to be cut, tailored, fit and delivered for the physical cloth pipelines. Wild Capture's Digital Fashion Toolkit helps manufacturers and designers cut out this repetitive and time consuming process by having access to digital twins of real world models.

Digital Fashion to Minimize Customer Returns

Over the last two years, larger revenue streams have diverted to Ecommerce and online sales. And in the world of fashion sales, that means that customers are buying fashion products without trying them on and they have no way to see the size or feel of the product before it is delivered.

The new Digital Fashion Toolkit opens up new pipelines for digital cloth in new media production, ecommerce,  NFT services and more when implemented. One of the benefits of this technology is the reduction of waste and byproduct and limiting factor it has on the return/exchange rates of products by its customer as better fitting awareness can be driven with this technology.  Wild Capture and Savitude will release demos February 2022.

By giving customers volumetric video that can be streamed on their mobile or desktop manufacturers can enhance the ecommerce experience and also reduce returns or exchanges by giving the customer an understanding of how the sizes fit to each model. By using model measurements that users can compare their own, better customer satisfaction results can be achieved.


A wide variety of fashion and accessories are available for use for the fashion toolkit. Digital dresses, pants, shoes and jewelry can all be utilized in 3D spaces and then modified for customization.  A much broader list of accessories exists within Wild Capture’s Fashion Performance Library. 


The two libraries that make up the majority of the assets for this toolkit are the Digital Human Performance Library and the Digital Human Asset Library. Most of the workflow has been self contained. Currently, the modeling capabilities of a digital performance library are self contained, where hair color or other customizable features that can be made available.

After the digital human is customized, the registered clothing is added, adjusted to size, customized to color and pattern, then Accessorized with purses, packs, shoes jewelry, scarfs or other digital assets. Performances can be adjusted as necessary given the level of details and size of the person.

How does this fit into the Wild Capture Platform?

The Digital Fashion Toolkit is one of Wild Capture's unique technology offerings. The data and processes are completely compatible with all Wild Capture processes, workflows and outputs. Assets from the Digital Human Toolkit can are designed to plug directly into high quality pipelines for media, custom pipelines for software and app development, and into UVol streaming volumetric formats with the same high quality benchmarks for each.

The Wild Capture Platform is an end to end data pipeline. Bespoke libraries of models, accessories and more can are being created for clients that require customizable fashion sales tools as well as Wild Capture's own growing performance library. Some of which is currently represented in the Performance Gallery listed here. New CG Cloth is being added to the production pipelines to create more choices, opportunities and awareness to the new marketing tools available.

Having Fashion tools and digital humans together plugging directly into a streamable web format Is the only way to bring this technology to the forefront in a way that the audience can appreciate. You have to have the end to end pipeline available so that everyone can benefit from high quality, scalable digital humans.

Who uses the Digital Fashion Toolkit?

As mentioned above Designers and Manufacturers in all walks of fashion can utilize this toolkit to minimize design-to-final approval cycle. It minimizes waste and shipping expenses, it minimizes the customer return/exchange rate and improves overall satisfaction and company profit and expands the Ecommerce sector.

New Media Productions require digital humans for VFX, XR, Gaming and more. With the demand for quality It its highest, discovering new ways to quickly produce lifelike believable crowds is now a growing demand that will not be going away. As the collective technology grows closer and closer to being able to produce digital human 3D models within high end media applications and as a bespoke product is now in everyone's crosshairs.

Can the finished model be minted as an NFT?

Any digital human performance within the Wild Capture platform can be minted as a volumetric NFT. Because of Wild Capture's lossless compression formatting, combined with its extensive & custom workflow, Wild Capture has the ability to mint any of its finalized outputs as a streamable NFT that plays on the Universal Volumetric streaming web player (Uvol) as an interactive asset. See example here.

All of this exists under Wild Capture's Digital Human Platform and it's associated, partnered entity platforms. This means that with the commercialized use of open source software, Wild Capture can export it's finished outputs as minted NFT for its client's

Wild Capture and the XR Foundation minted the world's first volumetric video NFT in June of 2021. Samples are available upon request.

Is it possible to use custom assets for volumetric models?

Wild Capture's earliest public releases of the Digital Fashion Toolkit product will demonstrate it's ability to add logos and execute product placement on CG cloth and other fashion accessory additions to allow a customizable pre-rendered digital human library.

Currently, as service Wild Capture takes CG Cloth inputs from top tier CG cloth modelers and designs entirely new custom assets. All part of Wild Capture's Digital Human Workflow. As development continues, Wild Capture's Toolkit will allow users plug and play capabilities for media production, software and app based developments and web activations.

How is this accomplished?

Up until recently the question has been how do we create CG to interact with digital human beings.

What does this mean for the future of volumetric content going forward?

In the coming years, as AR and XR experiences will eventually become part of virtual culture and as physical installations of digital content become more accessible. Manufacturers and developers of all kinds will be implementing the technology as sales/messaging driven products. In the next two years, the bandwidths for data will be more freely accessible. This will allow for the modern day digital human to be accessible for new media purposes.

The cornerstone of digital humans as an entirely new way of messaging and communications is a translatable digital human performance pipeline. The combined power of collective technologies en masse gives the next wave of 3D creators the ability to engage audiences with nearly jaw dropping, show stopping engagements.

It is Wild Capture’s mission to make this technology available to everyone. And in that matter Wild Capture has co-developed open source technologies that can be built upon, shared and used for volumetric engagements across the globe. Meanwhile, we continue to support high end activations that inspire and engage audiences and draw awareness to the potential of digital humans as an optimum art.

Where is this technology 2 years from now?

In the coming years, as AR and XR experiences become part of virtual culture and as physical installations of digital content become more accessible. Manufacturers and developers of all kinds will be implementing the technology as sales/messaging driven products. In the next two years, the bandwidths for data will be more freely accessible. This will allow for the modern day digital human to be accessible for new media purposes.


Ongoing updates for demonstrations, press and more can be found here on this case study. the UVol web streaming volumetric player, Digital Fashion Toolkit, Cohort Crowd kit or other applied digital human technologies can all be found at WildCapture.io. For more information on this, please reach out to Wild Capture through the contact page provided, or connect on social media.

Original Publishing Date January 5th 2022


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