Wild Capture Create

Create unique Digital Human 3D assets in Crowds or animated digital fashion to reach new levels of realism in your project
Generate crowds that can be part of the
action at any level of zoom with no loss
of realism.
Simulate apparel touch and feel
while worn by testing them on Digital Humans.

How it works

Wild Capture Unify is a fully managed cloud based volumetric capture transformation service that makes it easier to create lifelike 3D animations. Create is a set of tools which instantiates Digital Humans and enable them to bring realism to Crowds and Fashion apparel dynamic fitting.

Digital Human

From capture stage systems


Instantiate Digital Humans for Crowds or Fashion

DCC/ Game engine

Import those created scenes into your Game engine or animation software


Create the experience you need with best-in-class human realism
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How to get started

Set- up your Digital Human Platform account

Learn how to activate the Digital Human Platform for your need

Explore Pricing options

Learn more about pricing options depending on your company size and needs

Accelerate your projects

You can use Wild Capture Digital Human Platform to boost your 3d animation pipeline by 4x.