Wild Capture Enhance

Lifelike realism with with AI tools and animation controls

Uprez Faces

Provide additional detail in the textures, reaching up to 24K resolution for impeccable expressivity.


Markerless motion capture to provide bone structure data for rigged, posable animated characters


Enrich the 3D character with a UV map enabling smooth texturing.

How it works

Enhance your characters with a set of tools to add layers of versatility with MARKERLESS motion capture accurate to.04mm for accurate bone structures, enhanced facial clarity with 24K resolution segmented for facial detail to provide incredible results.

Volumetric footage

From capture stage systems


Enrich 3D models with animation and texture controls

Unify library

Footage processing, workflows and storage

Client Access

Library of content and updates to apply new processing and create new assets
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How to get started

Account Setup

Learn how to activate the Digital Human Platform for your needs

Explore Pricing options

Learn more about SaaS pricing and production service options

Accelerate your projects

Boost your 3D animation pipeline efficiencies