Evan Pesses, Co-Founder and Head of Strategic Partnerships

Evan Pesses is Co-Founder and Head of Studio for Wild Capture, a next-level developer of digital human technology. Evan manages studio-related operations that leverage Wild Capture’s digital human intellectual properties (IP) from pre-production to budgeting through execution and delivery. As interest in digital humans continues to impact the modern era of digital communication and spatial media, Evan brings extensiveimmersive media production expertise to curate new business opportunities, produce onsite service-oriented workflow logistics, and liaise with creative and technical talent.

Earlier in his career as a managing partner and head of advanced imaging at The Astronauts Guild, Evan pushed the boundaries of entertainment technology, shooting commercial work in high-speed, VFX, and stereoscopic formats.He is credited with spearheading the studio’s expansion to a full-scale production, post-production, and visual effects company, and cementing its expertise into 360 VR immersive film production. Notable clients included Facebook, Google and Intel.

Evan is a member of the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, the International Cinematographer's Guild, and sits on the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council-Integrated Lighting Systems Committee.