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CG Cloth Tool


USD Crowd Tool

Hologram - Animated Character Conversion

Universally Compatible

Motion Capture Compatible


Improved Clarity


Unify Solver

Unify Solver is the footage based animation technology developed by Wild Capture that restructures volumetric capture data into a single point-deformed mesh, a watertight boundary that automates character/environment interaction and reduces file sizes by 90% while simultaneously improving the clarity of the video texture, conforming traditional holographic data into animated characters.

Unify Solver automates standard 3D animation procedural tasks to provide content powerful solutions that prevent massive files or and  countless hours wearing body rigs, building and animating synthetic characters or cleaning up motion capture.

Cohort Crowd

Cohort Crowd creates custom character variants and optimizing scaled volumetric character rendering for data heavy crowd characters. USD containers provide users complete control for customized crowds.

Control spacing and population density, character LOD's and character placement to easily create hundreds of characters from a single performance character without duplication of data.

Outfit Fashion

Shaping the Future of Virtual Fashion

Customize lifelike character models across all 3D pipelines by applying CG cloth designs for infinite clothing variation.

Designers can express themselves confidently in the virtual realm. Add brand logos, change cloth fit and recolor to achieve endless creative character renders.