Unify Solver Feature Highlights Uniform Topology

Unify Solver removes the unstable data inherent in volumetric capture while transcoding the data into traditionally rigged and animated characters with higher accuracy and fidelity.

Universally Compatible

Unify Solver outputs are compatible out-of-the-box with most 3D software solutions and with all volumetric video stages. Assets comply with traditional animated character formats and leverage USD to add character variation and large crowd levels of detail customization

Interaction Ready

Unify Solver assets can interact with VFX, cloth, hair, etc., in simulation and real-time. Animation is built into assets, providing realistic muscle flexion with additional rig controls to manipulate the performance.

Reduced Data Size

Unify Solver delivers data sets as low as 10% of the original size, enabling faster streaming, ease of use, and improved performance.

Improved Clarity

Unify Solver optimizes surface textures to eliminate artifacts from the initial capture, providing lifelike skin detail and enhanced clarity of character motion.

Ethical AI Pipelines

All AI is commercially sourced and ethically generated for procedural improvement and ecosystem growth

Unify Solver

Unify Solver is a cloud-based foundational technology developed by Wild Capture that accelerates immersive experiences across the WildCapture Digital Human Platform suite of products.

Unify Solver conforms volumetric video data into a single-point deformed mesh, reducing file size by 90% while simultaneously smoothing out the video texture and enhancing the animated character asset with a collision boundary.

Leveraging the Universal Scene Description (USD) framework, Unify Solver automates standard 3D animation procedural tasks and settings adjustments to provide content creators with expedient virtual human assets to drive engagement in new ways without the need to wrestle with massive volumetric video files or spend countless hours in post-production.

Cohort Crowd

Cohort is a robust software toolkit within Wild Capture’s expanding Digital Human Platform that serves as a cornerstone in the creation of lifelike crowd characters across 3D pipelines for VFX, gaming, and web streaming applications.

Cohort Crowd optimizes scaled volumetric character performances for data heavy crowd characters with USD, providing users complete controll ability for customized variations of crowd assets.

The process streamlines the randomizing and scattering of each character in the digital crowd simulation to produce lifelike crowds with individual and group behaviors. Control spacing and population density easily to create hundreds of randomized characters from a single performance character without duplication of data.

Efficient at scale, Cohort Crowd functionality saves creators significant time while ensuring new levels of creative realization.

Outfit Fashion

Shaping the Future of Virtual Fashion

Outfit is a pioneering digital fashion tool that allows for customizing lifelike character models across all 3D pipelines by applying CG cloth designs onto animated volumetric models for infinite clothing options.

Within 3D environments, digital clothing and accessories can be integrated and tailored to each digital character's unique personality and preferences. It is the only interoperable technology that combines CG cloth realism and customizable volumetric video. It is compatible with Marvelous Designer, Clo3D, and other popular CG cloth simulation engines.

Outfit merges physical and CG fashion in the same pipeline.

Designers and talent can express themselves confidently in the virtual realm, quickly prototype and bring products to market, and monetize their digital assets. Brands and producers can leverage Outfit to visually communicate online content with lifelike digital humans, enabling accurate creative expression.