Digital Human Platform

Delivering the most advanced customizable & lifelike digital humans for all media platforms

The Wild Capture Digital Human Platform is an end-to-end, cloud-based production suite featuring proprietary technology for capturing, processing, and delivering digital human performances. As the first to market with a streamlined volumetric video solution, it offers proprietary technology and a rich feature set that drives four-times efficiency gains. The Digital Human Platform is fully compatible with 3D production pipelines and utilizes industry-standard practices to deliver interoperable, lifelike digital human assets with unmatched realism.

How it works

The Wild Capture Digital Human Platform is an end-to-end production-ready suite of software-enabled services that deliver 3D characters that are fully compatible with volumetric video standards and 3D pipeline technologies, delivering best-in-class lifelike digital human experiences

Interoperable data - One Size Fits All 3D Humans