Wilfred ‘Will’ Driscoll, Co-Founder and CEO

Wilfred 'Will' Driscoll is CEO at Wild Capture, a leading developer of digital human technology. Will is a prolific digital human technologist with extensive experience shooting volumetric video in diverse forms on stages worldwide. Will co-founded Wild Capture to build the bridge between volumetric video and digital humans for robust media and tech production pipelines. In this role, he is chiefly responsible for the forecast and the insight of the practical trends in bringing photorealistic people to spatial technologies and offering customers the most realistic and scalable volumetric capture solutions, ushering in a new era of volumetric video. 

Under Will’s leadership, Wild Capture is paving the way for the future of digital human content creation with the company’s introduction of the Digital Human Platform, a transformative software suite that offers 3D human technologies that scale the use of high-quality digital humans, volumetric crowds and CG fashion for VFX, game and media production.

Throughout his career, Will has held technical and creative positions focusing on VFX, and immersive technologies. Serving as technical director of content engineering at Intel Studios | Sports, Will is credited with introducing a new era of volumetric video technology to the company's high profile "Wild West” demo at CES 2018. In 2019, Will served as technical producer and created photogrammetry and a pipeline to capture rare artifacts and tombs in the Lumiere award-winning "King Tut" project. Will has also headed various VFX studios and assumed roles working as a technical director using compositing tools for stereoscopic effects and artwork/FX for well-known films and television projects.

Will is recognized as a leading authority in the emerging immersive industry and highly sought-after speaker. He is currently a member of the Visual Effects Society and interested in driving technology leadership in this space.