Sprite presents Latto

Sprite presents Latto 

An Immersive Experience at the State Farm Arena

Wild Capture is a technology studio for digital humans. Capabilities to provide high quality volumetric crowds, volumetric fashion, XR activations & production services. volumetric web streaming with high-quality solves & branding activations. Recently, Wild Capture shot with Sprite and Latto, the project is an immersive XR experience. On 28th January, 2022 Sprite and the Atlanta Hawks presented immersive experience & physical installation at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia & presented Latto as a digital human in XR. Latto is an Atlanta raised & famed rap artist.

Latto was selected for Best New Hip Hop Artist at the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards and was included on the 2020 XXL Freshman Class. In March 2021, Latto became the first female rapper from Atlanta to earn that honor. she Debuted her track “From da Souf” and “Big Energy” at the Atlanta Hawks halftime show on 1/28.

Sprite organizes Latto show in Atlanta, Georgia at the state farm Arena on 1/28 with more cities to follow.

Wild Capture’s volumetric products and services provide high quality solutions for new media creators and artists.

Digital Human Performance Spotlight - Who is Big Latto?

Atlanta's own Big Latto


Atlanta raised and famed rap artist Big Latto is headlining the launch event. Performances can be seen here.

Known professionally as Latto or Big Latto (formerly known as Mulatto), is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. She first appeared on the reality television series The Rap Game in 2016, where she was known as Miss Mulatto and won the show's first season.

Latto and Sprite unlocking "Big Energy"

Production Credits

Project Title: Sprite presents Big Latto

Client: You Are Here (YAH) Agency

Volumetric Capture Stage: Creative Media Industries Institute

Acquisition: 4DViews Holosys 8 Pod system