Wild Capture COO, Louis Normandin, to Present at IO Industries Virtual Training Series

November 4, 2023
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Wild Capture is excited to announce that Louis Normandin, our Chief Operating Officer, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming IO Industries (IOI) virtual presentation series. Since 1991, IOI has earned a reputation of excellence in developing world-class lenses and camera systems and interoperable hardware innovations for volumetric capture technologies. The event, scheduled for November 8, 2023, will focus on the topic of preserving the lifelike quality of digital human characters in volumetric video production. 

Wild Capture stands at the forefront of shaping immersive storytelling, equipping creators with scalable solutions and production efficiencies for creating lifelike digital humans. Central to our mission is the Wild Capture Digital Human Platform, a suite of tools that facilitate the integration of volumetric video and realistic digital humans. These next-generation spatial media products uniquely bridge the gap in film and TV VFX, games, commercials, and high-performance virtual world Web-based experiences while dramatically reducing costs and streamlining the production process.

In his current role, Normandin oversees Wild Capture's on-set technologies and company operations. During the session, he will leverage his extensive experience with digital human production and capture stage customizations, and his background in cinematography, particularly his work in the camera and lighting departments for Academy Award-winning feature films. Attendees can expect to gain a fundamental understanding of the 3D digital human technology landscape, as well as on-set techniques that ensure the highest level of human likeness during volumetric video capture. Normandin will also share best practices for maintaining data consistency throughout the post-production process.

“Wild Capture is committed to delivering the highest quality digital humans, and this begins with the volumetric capture process itself,” says Normandin. "As the market for 3D content continues to grow at this unprecedented pace, crossing the uncanny valley requires content creators to understand the core principles of cinematography as they apply to volumetric capture pipelines. Developing a nuanced understanding of the camera system is important for  differentiating contours and textures, fingers and facial features, as well as handling the intricate challenge of multiple character recognition, all aimed at preserving asset accuracy."

Normandin’s professional affiliations include membership of the Realtime Society's Interactive Storytelling Interoperability RealTime Standards and the AI for Visual Arts special interest groups. He is also a member of the International Cinematographer's Guild and the Society of Camera Operators.


IOI Event Title: “Preserving the Lifelike Quality of Your Digital Humans” 

Presenter: Louis Normandin, Wild Capture, COO

Date/Location: November 8, 2023 (two sessions)

The IOI virtual sessions will take place on Zoom:

  • Session 1 – 10:00 AM Eastern 

Registration Link:  https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIkceCvqzgqH9y9SVqUPwRfP6yQ3_ZgmYVk

  • Session 2 – 3:00 PM Eastern 


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November 4, 2023