Wild Capture Unify

Transform volumetric capture footage into fully CGI pipeline compliant lightweight realistically animated 3D assets
Conforms volumetric video data into a single-point deformed mesh, enhancing the animated character assets with a collision boundary.
Optimizes surface textures to eliminate artifacts from the original capture, providing lifelike skin detail and enhanced quality of character motion.
Assets comply with traditional character formats and leverage USD for add character variation and large crowd levels of detail customization.
Delivers data sets as low as 10% of the original data size, enabling faster streaming, ease of use, and improved performance.

Wild Capture Volumetric Video Compatible with

How it works

Wild Capture Unify Solver is a cloud based volumetric footage transformation service that delivers standard 3D animated assets that achieve unprecedented realism in their interaction with the CGI world around them and integrate into existing pipelines. Leveraging the Universal Scene Description (USD) framework, Unify Solver automates standard 3D animation procedural tasks and settings adjustments to provide content creators with expedient human assets to drive engagement in new ways.

Volumetric footage

From capture stage systems

Unify Solver

Transforms footage into standard 3D animated assets

Unify library

Access library of non processed footage and processed outputs

Client Access

library of content, apply new processing to create new assets
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You can use Wild Capture Digital Human Platform to boost your 3d animation pipeline by 4x.