Tailoring for Volumetric Video

June 6, 2022
Wild Capture's Cohort computer generated cloth for 3D models

One of the biggest challenges artists and creators working with volumetric video face has been the issue of customization since changes often need to be made during  the creative process, before the capture. This is why dynamic creative forces require Wild Capture’s Cohort fashion customization tools as it is the first computer-generated tailor tool of its kind. 

How Customization Works

The process starts with high quality volumetric assets and involves the models/performers in body suits or undergarments that are  captured on a volumetric stage. Following, the data is run through the Wild Capture AI and post production preparation process. The model is then ready to be draped and customized.  

Fully customizable computer generated cloth for models shot in volumetric video

Cohort, Wild Capture’s crowd kit,  takes computer generated designs from many of the most used softwares to date.Cl03D and Marvelous Designer all import directly. Wild Capture’s built-in technology then integrates those designs with the digital human data and  USD layer to add the cloth over the capture’s mesh surface. The cloth then conforms with the body as it moves forward and backward. 

With USD pipelines at the forefront, Cohort is now demonstrating its ability to adapt to new possibilities for digital humans into everyday workflows. This allows for all kinds of customizations and deliverables that have never been available before to the technical artists in this space.

The USD Pipeline

Wild Capture uses AI to create a bone structure within each asset. Wild Capture uniforms  the body, creating a boundary for collidables.  This creates a  completely computer generated customizable cloth layer is created that fits the body with lifelike physics. Cohort then fills this layer with computer-generated cloth that is rigged to the body to produce a result that customizes itself to the performance and body shape. This can also be used as a VFX layer within a 3D world and can key colors can be adjusted to make changes for use with crowds. Using volumetric video also brings brand new fashion design capabilities and pipelines that can customized computer-generated clothing options.

As demand for high quality products continue to emerge in volumetric video, Cohort is delivering solutions to  technical artists and developers that require these customizations in gaming, VFX, virtual production, WebXR and AR/VR. 

Wild Capture

A technology studio for digital humans, Wild Capture creates the most lifelike digital humans.

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