‍Wild Capture CEO Will Driscoll Discusses “Challenges & Opportunities in AI Talent Utilization” at HAND (Human & Digital) Webinar

February 22, 2024

Wild Capture CEO Will Driscoll Discusses Challenges & Opportunities in AI Talent Utilization” at HAND (Human & Digital) Webinar

As Wild Capture's CEO, I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural HAND (Human & Digital) webinar entitled “Challenges & Opportunities in AI Talent Utilization," which took place on February 7, 2024. 

Last November, Wild Capture announced our strategic partnership in HAND’s beta Talent Registry program. We are currently working to implement their digital rights solution for volumetric video performance capture within our powerful Digital Human Platform (DHP). (press release)

As a company deeply invested in digital rights management for both human and virtual talent, Wild Capture perceives the current landscape, dominated by AI advancements, as a pivotal juncture in the industry. We welcome the chance to join educational forums like this one to exchange ideas with our industry peers on the future use of digital humans and the outlook for the ethical implications and monetization opportunities.

The HAND “State of AI Talent Utilization” session (one of three) was moderated by the effervescent Muki Kulhan, innovation co-lead with the International Broadcast Conference (IBC Show) Accelerators, a media & entertainment program at the trade show that brings together studios, broadcasters, and academia, to explore the myriad of complex digital transformation challenges and a framework for collaborative innovation. Other panelists included: Renard T. Jenkins - SMPTE – President,  Natalie Monbiot - Hour One - Head of Strategy, and Rachel Joy Victor - FBRC.ai - Co-founder.

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“We are at an inflection point thinking about the challenges and the opportunities and where defining the layers of AI and machine learning comes into play and how these tools can be not only explored but used for good and then setting us up for the future,” said Kulhan.

During the session, the role of AI and approaches to optimize talent utilization was a focal point. Wild Capture utilizes a unique streamlined volumetric video solution to deliver interoperable, lifelike digital human assets of individual talent for use in crowd scenes with unparalleled realism across sectors like fashion, sports, automotive, and training. As the spatial media landscape evolves rapidly, we're actively exploring avenues for talent to monetize their scanned captures beyond traditional production. 

Discussion also focused on enhancing production efficiencies and clarifying distinctions between AI and machine learning. The importance of asset interoperability across the production spectrum was brought up, a principle that aligns closely with Wild Capture's business model. 

In the dynamic landscape of XR technology and AI, industries like media & entertainment, and fashion are experiencing huge transformations. There is a surge in the demand for 3D digital humans that can seamlessly blend into diverse spatial media pipelines accompanied by an escalating need for improved content distribution. Wild Capture continues to emphasize the importance of interoperability in production through our use of the Universal Scene Description (USD) and Graphics Library Transmission Format (glTF) in advancing the exchange of digital human media assets.

Additionally, there was an emphasis on the need to educate industry peers and decision-makers to adapt to new approaches and technologies. This was most evident regarding the ethical implications and concerns about the fear of the unknown, particularly regarding deep fakes and ownership of likeness. However, there was also positive dialog around the democratization of content creation and the opportunities for talent to expand into new formats and platforms. 

We believe in fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the industry. We see ourselves as part of a growing ecosystem where small companies can drive innovation vital to larger content processes and pipelines. Our focus remains on maintaining realism and ensuring ownership of likeness while navigating the complexities of AI utilization in talent management and content creation. 


The HAND webinar provided an opportunity to underscore the importance of a balanced approach toward  AI talent utilization, where education, collaboration, and ethical considerations are paramount to driving positive outcomes for both talent and the industry.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on AI and talent optimization.

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