Wild Capture is an award-winning Los Angeles-based technology and studio-enabled services provider, dedicated to shaping the future of immersive storytelling through world-class digital human fidelity applications.

The Wild Capture Digital Human Platform is an end-to-end production-ready suite of software-enabled services. Powered by our proprietary Unify Solver conforming technology, it seamlessly integrates cinematic, footage-based digital human assets into any 3D production pipeline with unparalleled accuracy and realism.

We offer volumetric video production and post production pipelines that cater to the creation and realization of digital humans and volumetric crowds for film and television VFX, digital fashion, broadcast sports, advertising and XR – all in real-time.

Our leadership team comprises veteran filmmaking, VFX, and virtual production visionaries who are credited with pushing the evolution of spatial media production. We are members of leading industry associations, including the Visual Effects Society, International Cinematographer’s Guild, Society of Camera Operators, and Television Academy of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, we are frequent featured speakers at major industry conventions and conferences such as the National Association of Broadcasters, Augmented World Expo, SIGGRAPH, Realtime Society, Digital LA, and others.

Wild Capture enjoy partnerships with world leading brands and organizations. We are a proud member of the NVIDIA Inception Program.