Wild Capture is a Los Angeles-based technology and studio-enabled services provider that is shaping the future of immersive storytelling for digital experience producers seeking world-class digital human fidelity. We are filmmakers and immersive media technologists who recognize in the new era of spatial media that the use of volumetric video is the key to standardizing the creation of the most realistic and lifelike digital humans.

In 2022, we introduced our award-winning, next-generation Digital Human Platform, a cloud-based, proprietary suite of volumetric video products to enable the capture, process, and delivery of human performances that seamlessly integrate into any 3D production pipeline with unparalleled accuracy and realism.  

Our pioneering AI and machine-driven technologies deliver unprecedented, scalable solutions for creating interoperable digital crowds and customized digital fashion assets that uniquely bridge the gap as a hub for VFX, gaming, fashion, immersive and web-based applications.

The Wild Capture leadership team holds positions within prestigious industry associations, including the RealTime Society, Television Academy, International Cinematographer's Guild, Producer's Guild of America, and the Visual Effects Society. We frequently take the stage as featured speakers at major industry conventions and conferences, including the National Association of Broadcasters, Augmented World Expo, SIGGRAPH, Realtime Society, Digital LA,  and many others.