2022 - The First year of the Digital Human

January 1, 2022
The Digital Human Blog

2022 - The first year of the Digital Human

Welcome to the New Year. It’s an exciting time for volumetric video and digital humans and their place in the modern era of digital communication and spatial media.

2022 brings us one step closer to the digital human era. Volumetric video is now beginning to take its place in media production for gaming, cinema, virtual events, XR and so much more. In the coming year, we will start to see an awareness of digital humans being used for all kinds of media production and messaging. 

We will also see some of the biggest tech companies taking huge steps in this direction. With Facebook’s change to Meta and Apple’s multibillion dollar investment in XR, technology companies are starting to find new ways to develop product markets and digital activations that require spatial media solutions. Many of the solutions being sought out are designed to fix prominent problems that up until now have been prevalent in what has been the infancy of volumetric video.

Wild Capture has excelled in its ability to create high quality volumetric captures that cross the uncanny valley. Soon, we will be announcing our Volumetric Fashion and Crowd technologies to go along with our high-quality volumetric capture and post production service demos. Soon, it will be easy enough to access and share high-quality digital humans to engage, entertain and inform. 

2021 was an extremely busy year for Wild Capture, with many hundreds of captures run through our data pipeline this year. We partnered with CMII in Atlanta to bring high end volumetric content to market and to broaden the educational base so that new talent can be trained and we officially opened our business with our first client being a AAA recognized brand that needed an XR activation for a 21,000 person venue for 2022. We shot some content for the CDC and we activated an entire virtual live event complete with crowd captures and environment. We produced content for a live action/volumetric VFX film that is wrapping up its post production, and so much more!

On the development side we invested much of the year into pipelines for our volumetric fashion and crowd systems. Plus a major investment into advancing the UVol streaming volumetric player, all to prepare for the next generation's web based spatial media needs. You can find that player here. 

With all of these high-end activations going into effect, many new volumetric possibilities will be made available this year that propel the creative potential in this field. 

We encourage you to join us here at Wild Capture to engage and take part in this new evolution of spatial media and all of its capabilities. Find engaging conversations on best practices, upcoming technologies, news and events and other advanced topics in Volumetric Video here at the Digital Human Blog. Have a happy New Year and we look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks. 

Check out our site and socials and don’t miss the best streaming web volumetric player available. More announcements coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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January 1st 2022


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