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November 9, 2022
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Wild Capture is thrilled to announce our CEO, Wilfred Driscoll, will be a featured panelist at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Television Academy) Sci/Tech Peer Group virtual panel entitled, “Summoning the Hordes”. The online event takes place on November 9. 

Hosted by Greg Gewickey, noted media and emerging technology consultant, and Andrew G. Setos, Blackstar Engineering, the Television Academy Peer Group event pulls together experts throughout the industry who will address technologies that advance the creation of digital crowds in television episodic production, opening doors to possibilities which will enhance storytelling for both technical and production members


Introduced earlier this year as part of our Digital Human Platform, Wild Capture continues to lead in volumetric crowd technology with one of it’s core products, Cohort Crowds. This product blends Wild Capture’s high quality volumetric video pipeline with their  crowd building toolset and digital fashion technology tools. 


One of the biggest challenges artists and creators face when working in 3D digital humans has been the issue of customization. Up until now, visual changes to volumetric video performances have needed to be made during the creative process, before the capture. Essentially, you were stuck with what you shot. Wild Capture has now created a new way to allow complete customization of digital fashion and crowd characters with varied hair, clothing and performances that can be scattered within any 3D environment.

At the Television Academy event, Wilfred will draw on his deep experience as a digital human technologist and technical director to demonstrate the unique power of volumetric video for crowd production in television. 

With volumetric video being used in a growing number of VFX pipelines, Wild Capture’s delivery of universally interoperable assets and use of the nondestructive coding language known as USD, allows Cohort users the ability to customize characters with facial, hair and fashion choices for asset delivery in multiple technology platforms. Coupled with the ability to add logos or other product placement into  a realistic audience for visual effects pipelines and even live broadcast augmentation makes for a cutting edge technology that is now ready for adoption. 


The “Summoning the Hordes” event  is presented and hosted by the Television Academy.



  • Jeff Clinton, Crowds Lead, DreamWorks Animation
  • Wilfred Driscoll, CEO, Wild Capture
  • David Ramos, VFX Supervisor, El Ranchito


Date: November 9, 2022

Time: 5:00 PST

RSVP: RSVP and further information is available here.

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