Wild Capture's Commitment to Digital Rights Management in the Age of AI

November 27, 2023
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Wild Capture is shaping immersive storytelling by offering disruptive, scalable volumetric video solutions and production efficiencies through our Digital Human Platform (DHP). Our suite of products delivers interoperable, high-fidelity digital human assets with unparalleled realism.


As artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in deep learning and computer vision, continues to transform the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, and the place for digital human technology becomes sharper into focus, Wild Capture's technical advancements in volumetric video capture are fundamentally impacting the way human likeness can be digitized, scaled, and commercialized. 


In this new media landscape, we believe a trustworthy digital rights management (DRM) system must be in place for creators, artists, studios, game designers, and other creative entities lending their likeness for content creation, to have control over the tracking and sale of their performance assets. Although the M&E industry news headlines continue to scrutinize the intersection of AI with DRM, the concern extends to fashion, product design, education, training, and beyond.


Deep Fakes and Ownership

The rise of deep fakes has sparked important questions about ownership and protection of one's likeness in the modern world of highly accessible, highly scrapable digital imagery. Wild Capture’s primary concern regarding the growth of industry is the protection of three-dimensional IP created by artists, performers, educators, entrepreneurs, and their representative agencies. 

Wild Capture partners with those using commercially licensed AI training data collected from ethical sources. We use AI in our DHP for procedural efficiencies to reduce manual effort and give content creators the ability to work faster and smarter.

The demand for digital human content and volumetric video is growing rapidly. According to Allied Market Research, the global virtual humans market was valued at $11.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $440.3 billion by 2031. Additionally, Brainy Insights reports that the volumetric video market was valued at around USD 2.1 billion in 2022 and is estimated to grow to about USD 21.2 billion by 2030.


While these metrics are positive indicators for the industry, Wild Capture acknowledges the growing concern among human talent regarding the protection and ownership of their likeness in the digital landscape without limiting their ability to be scanned as live-action 3D performance characters.


To address this issue, Wild Capture recently announced a strategic partnership with HAND (Human & Digital), the first global B2B Talent ID registry. The partnership marks a pivotal step towards fostering trust and cultivating a vibrant ecosystem. In joining forces with HAND, we gain access to cutting-edge solutions that enhance discoverability and provenance verification, streamline royalty collection, and facilitate precise revenue tracking of notable real-world and virtual individuals. 


As members of the HAND beta Talent Registry program, we will soon implement a digital rights solution for volumetric video performance capture within our powerful DHP.

Our CEO, Will Driscoll, explains that this collaboration is key to resolving issues related to talent creative control and monetization, offering promising prospects for the widespread integration of digital human technology. (Read press release.)


We look forward to delivering our customers a dependable authentication system that will help create a more equitable and efficient environment for creators, artists, and talent to thrive.

Wild Capture

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