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November 4, 2023
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The fast-paced world of the fashion industry is constantly evolving and embracing technology. With the growing use of digital humans across the entertainment landscape in film and TV VFX, games, music concerts, and more, it is not surprising that Wild Capture’s digital human technology is transforming the fashion landscape.

Wild Capture is committed to providing powerful digital fashion solutions to creators, designers, and brands to operate more efficiently. Our Digital Human Platform (DHP) is an end-to-end, cloud-based production suite featuring proprietary technology for capturing, processing and delivering digital human performances. Leveraging volumetric video techniques, we capture real people, resulting in highly realistic virtual humans that achieve a heightened sense of authenticity and interactivity in brand activations, design prototyping, fashion marketing campaigns and events, online shopping, product delivery, and digital human asset monetization. 

Recently, at the Atlanta-based Creative Media Industries Institute’s volumetric capture stage, our team had the privilege to showcase the capabilities of our (DHP) technology featuring the “Outfit” digital fashion toolset. We captured several live performances of the renowned, avant-garde fashion icon Lily Gatins, as we helped her transition into the virtual world. 

Outfit innovation customizes lifelike character models across 3D pipelines by applying CG cloth designs onto animated volumetric models, inspiring creativity with limitless clothing options. Within 3D environments, digital clothing and accessories can be effortlessly integrated and tailored to each digital character's unique personality and preferences. It is compatible with Marvelous Designer, C l o D, and other popular CG cloth simulation engines.

With Wild Capture technology, Gatins and other fashion designers are able to realistically express themselves in the virtual world, more quickly prototype designs, and bring products to market. Using our technology also gives talent the added benefit of monetizing their digital human assets. 

Here are the key benefits of Wild Capture’s Digital Human Platform in Fashion:

  • One Volumetric Shot, Endless Possibilities: Wild Capture performances of digitally captured humans provide endless possibilities with a single volumetric shot that can be seamlessly incorporated into multiple fashion campaigns. Capture talent once, from multiple angles, add digital clothing, and access an infinite array of variations.

  • 'Blue Sky' Creativity: Wild Capture digital human technology empowers designers to efficiently customize and modify clothing assets, unleashing a 'blue sky canvas' for creative expression. This proves invaluable for prototyping designs before the fabrication stage, saving both time and money.

  • Customizable, Market-Ready Content: Studios, producers, and editors constantly seek fresh and immersive content, Wild Capture’s digital human performances deliver market-ready and highly customizable solutions.

  • Digital Human Realism in the Virtual Realm: Wild Capture’s digitally captured talent seamlessly bridges the gap between reality and the virtual world, providing an unmatched level of lifelike realism, unlike traditional avatars.

  • Monetize assets easily: As the creator market continues to expand and diversify, Wild Capture offers talent possibilities to monetize assets endlessly.

Read our Lily Gatins case study to learn more about how the Wild Capture workflow is transforming the fashion industry.

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