Cohort is on a Roll!

May 12, 2022
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Cohort is on a Roll!

Wild Capture’s Cohort breakthrough volumetric crowd building kit is on the scene! Cohort originally was designed as a crowd-building tool. However, during our work with clients, we discovered the optimal way to develop a crowd building tool to function properly at scale was to add fashion pipeline capabilities. This we have done with our Digital Fashion Toolset within Cohort. The crowd building and fashion toolsets combined are powerful companions for anyone working with 3D volumes.

This technology is available for volumetric crowd building. The automated fashion toolset within Cohort applies variants for clothing, accessories, and more. This tech enables users to build their own volumetric crowd using their own assets or use Wild Capture’s fast-growing asset library; all completely customizable.

How to access it

Cohort crowd technology is currently ready for use through Wild Capture’s “product as a service” model. The first artist to utilize our services and Cohort is recording artist Kaelyn Kastle for her upcoming music video “Sunsets Suck”. This project is a complete volumetric music video that uses 18 human performances and were captured in high quality volumetric video to create a crowd of 72 digital humans within its opening scene. 

What’s next for Wild Capture’s Cohort?

As the market for volumetric video increases among VFX supervisors, gaming developers, marketing directors, and other audiences, we believe Cohort’s core functionality will meet artists’ need for high-quality solutions and avoid many of the inherent problems with volumetric video such as boundary collisions and nondestructive character customization. 

Wild Capture is deeply committed to developing our crowd kit technology. In the coming weeks our new demos will show how easy it is for customers to add, change and customize CG Cloth solutions with nondestructive USD pipelines that deliver lossless assets. They will also showcase the customizable cloth options to further demonstrate the superior time-saving benefits and accessibility that Cohort provides. 

For more on this and Wild Capture's other digital human technology, check out our case studies and more at Wild Capture's case studies.

Reach Out Directly

For those interested in using Cohort technology for your next project, please reach out and we’d be happy to answer questions about our services and provide quotes. We can also schedule a consulting session to show how quickly a crowd can be built for your production. You can connect with us on our email submission page here on the site or  reach out on Wild Capture’s social channel links below, 

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