Wild Capture is Showing Off the Digital Human Platform at AWE!

May 28, 2022
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Wild Capture is heading to the AWE Conference 2022 -- the world’s leading conference devoted to the business of XR. We’ll be attending on June 1st and look forward to meeting up with friends and partners to show off our Digital Human Platform (insert link) and all the exciting new developments since the platform’s launch earlier this year.

Wild Capture's digital humans are on the forefront of this constantly changing landscape. Our crowd, fashion and metaverse products and pipelines are 100% ready for AR/VR developers to plug and play and will quickly demystify digital humans for this explosive new market. Using USD, Wild Capture has created an entirely new way for customizable digital humans to interact with the world around them.

  • Realistic and high-fidelity digital humans optimized for webxr, controllable by a uniform solver built into our flagship COHORT product.  There will be lite flavors of COHORT built for real-time encoding and optimized playback.

At AWE, Wild Capture will be demoing improved technology of our flagship Cohort breakthrough volumetric crowd building kit. Cohort is an advanced character system and population management tool to seamlessly deliver fully compatible USD assets that can fully integrate into any 3D pipeline. Wild Capture is actively developing and optimizing assets for USD to provide large digital populations in real-time for all render engines. We’ve also added fashion pipeline capabilities to Cohort. The automated fashion toolset within Cohort now applies variants for clothing, accessories, and more. This tech enables users to build their own volumetric crowd using their own assets or use Wild Capture’s fast-growing asset library; all completely customizable.

Just as exciting, at AWE we are also soft launching WildCapture.Live. This is a social open metaverse webXR platform that leverages volumetric video live action performances, entertainment, and fashion. Collaborating with the XR Foundation, Wild Capture has created the Universal Volumetric Format (UVOL) providing an open-source solution for optimizing and distributing high quality volumetric video streaming content over the web and to mobile and desktop applications. Wild Capture is currently offering WildCapture.Live as a white-glove, "platform as a service" for brands and creators to build next-generation social experiences.

If you’ll be attending the show and want to schedule a meet and greet, just reach out to us at info@wildcapture.io and we’ll be happy to make a plan.

Wild Capture

A technology studio for digital humans, Wild Capture creates the most lifelike digital humans.

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