Wild Capture at NAB 2022

May 5, 2022
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Wild Capture at NAB Show 2022 – Excitement for Digital Humans! 

Spring is in the air and Wild Capture is excited to share the changes and updates to our Digital Human Platform. Thanks for stopping by. 

But first, we were thrilled to attend NAB Show in real life this year! It was great to see so many of our colleagues and to meet new folks who had all traveled to Las Vegas with similar goals on the products and services they need to meet their needs in the new and emerging spatial media landscape. Wild Capture met with representatives from numerous gaming, computing, VFX and virtual production-related companies and was excited that our vision to use volumetric video in the digital human pipeline, and the use of the Universal Scene Description (USD) framework, was met with so much enthusiasm from leading company execs in the industry. 

From our perspective, one of the biggest drivers for broadcast and production technology at the show was virtual production. We were excited to share our extensive background in this area and chances are that we talked about this with some of you who attended the show. 

As the need for photorealistic humans in virtual production and VFX world population continues to rise, Wild Capture is firmly committed to offering customers the most modern and efficient volumetric capture solutions available to improve productivity aimed for virtual production, VFX pipelines, and more.. 

During the past few months, we’ve continued development for our Cohort crowd builder , allowing for complete controllability of individual crowd assets that save creators countless hours in creating usable 3D photorealistic characters for production or artistic use. We are especially excited about our progress in volumetric video for digital humans that incorporates USD which has been a part of our high-end technology development efforts for the past few years. Because of this, Wild Capture has been able to keep a lossless post production pipeline allowing for new digital human technologies for directors and artists.

New Demos Coming Soon

Our new demos are close! Wild Capture is about to show how our Cohort system is going to change the way creatives use digital humans in 3D environments, crowds, and fashion to provide everything one needs to customize your digital human.

For practical cinematography, Wild Capture will also demo newly released shots incorporating volumetric cinematography with practical cinematography in both anamorphic and spherical lenses. Our own Louis Normandin, a veteran cinematographer, created these shots for a short film last year that has finished its post-production and is now headed to technology and creative festivals worldwide.

What’s Next?

Since the launch of our Digital Human Platform in March, we are 100% dedicated to establishing our tech and are nearly ready to show it off more widely. The good news is that we are coming in for a landing!

Exciting new developments are on the horizon for Wild Capture and digital humans. We will have some exciting news coming soon and invite you to check back here in two weeks!

Wild Capture

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