Wild Capture's new metaverse goes live!

June 1, 2022
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Screenshot from WildCapture.Live with Jazzy the Rapper performing Dont Play

Announcing the newest for Wild Capture's digital humans.  Wild Capture and the team at HyperConstruct have launched an interactive virtual world that uses digital humans for this performance driven entertainment, information and competitive platform known as The Overlay.

www.wildcapture.live  (Desktop and Android)

Wild Capture's delivery of high quality digital humans and HyperConstruct’s world building have combined for a high-impact demonstration of their powerful tools and products!

No Paywall. No App.

One of the most exciting parts of this WebXR delivery is that there is no paywall to clear and no app to download. The architecture is already written into your web browser and the streaming volumetric video player (UVol) means that there is no download.  

The ongoing development of the product will include an iOS delivery that will be available in the future. For now, www.wildcapture.live is for desktop and Android delivery only.

View the demo video clip here.

Creating Realistic Immersive Web Based Experiences

“Now that we have an interactive world for users to engage Wild Capture’s digital humans, imagination can run wild for our clients and their audience.” - Wilfred Driscoll, CEO of Wild Capture

Using lifelike digital human performances is the key to the next phase of entertainment and media messaging. Lifelike experiences enable better retention and the interactivity keeps every experience feeling fresh and different with new groups.

This is the newest in customizable spatial media messaging! Lifelike digital humans in 3D environments that can be navigated by hundreds, even thousands of users simultaneously.  Virtual keynote, concert and competitive events can all take place with customizable architecture and aesthetics. 

3D Environments from HyperConstruct

HyperConstruct is a coding system that supports advanced 3D worlds for virtual environments with limited bandwidths, the use of digital humans in this space only natural. Throughout 2021, demos were being created and distributed as easily accessible, interactive volumetric content.

The Mall Arch in within the XREngine

Griffin Rowel, Chief Operations Officer at HyperConstruct talked about the partnership between Wild Capture and Hyperconstruct.
GRIFFIN: Volumetric capture is pretty unique by itself, but it adds a depth of immersion that other experiences can't offer.. Virtual worlds have been tried for many years and except for a few tries like Second Life, it hasn’t really caught on, mostly because of content. The volumetric digital beings as entities without a home and these virtual worlds are places with nothing to do and no one to see. 

What Wild Capture is doing is providing the content. Something that has been lacking in the space for years. That's where the partnership between XR Foundation and Wild Capture shines. Digital humans can feel tangible in the spaces we create with the XR Engine. People can exist as a live model with different digital clothing and see how that cloth moves and how it wears on the body.

Wild Capture delivers the Complete Pipeline

There is no other way to say it. Wild Capture delivers digital humans and with HyperConstruct, the worlds they live in. Both at the cutting edge of spatial media and webXR delivery.

Wild Capture

A technology studio for digital humans, Wild Capture creates the most lifelike digital humans.

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