Now Leaving the Uncanny Valley

August 18, 2022
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Wild Capture at SIGGRAPH 2022

Co-Founders Wilfred Driscoll, Louis Normandin and Evan Pesses at SIGGRAPH 2022

The city of Vancouver was abuzz this year with thousands of industry professionals coming to SIGGRAPH for this year’s latest in computer graphics technologies.  Wild Capture was excited to have a presence at the show.


Louis Normandin and Wilfred Driscoll at SIGGRAPH 2022

At the SIGGRAPH sponsored “Birds of a Feather” – a series of graphics-related, attendee-organized informal discussions – our team delivered a presentation titled, “Enabling Volumetric Video for Multiple Production Pipelines”.  This focused on how different industries can use volumetric video in impactful ways and also covered the various techniques and use cases for high-quality delivery across a wide range of specifications. 

We were also thrilled to team with SideFX, the developers of Houdini, among the world’s leading 3D software applications, and Dimenco, leaders in spatial display technology, at the Houdini HIVE Lounge; an event area at SIGGRAPH well known for featuring technology innovation.

At the HIVE we showcased the compatibility of our Cohort, volumetric video virtual crowd building and digital fashion technology with Houdini to optimize and simulate their world-class digital humans. Dimenco’s SR Pro Display technology allowed us to show how our volumetric content can be used with various Houdini assets for impressive results. 

We also gave a presentation called Now Leaving the Uncanny Valley”, an in depth talk on how using Houdini with Wild Capture’s Cohort technology creates believable characters that automatically animate and how this can be used in many different production pipelines. This gives Houdini users the ability to create lifelike digital humans with customizable clothing.  All great news for Houdini users.

Wild Capture Debuts New Cohort Fashion Demos

We continue to develop and make improvements to our core Cohort volumetric video virtual crowd building and digital fashion technology solution. During SIGGRAPH we showcased our latest Cohort Fashion demos at the Houdini Hive Theater. These videos demonstrate our new fully rendered clips of 3D modeled cloth that automatically animate to the volumetric model. 

The new fashion demos are just one example of how Wild Capture delivers high quality digital humans with its powerful USD development for Cohort. This non destructive coding language allows Cohort  to create variants of the wardrobe to show various colors and textures. It  gives the user the ability to create crowds of volumetric characters that can render faster and store more effectively based on the use of one asset to produce the variants instead of multiple performance captures. A truly powerful new tool.

Wild Capture

A technology studio for digital humans, Wild Capture creates the most lifelike digital humans.

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