Wild Capture Announces "Digital Human Platform"

February 17, 2022
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Announcing Wild Capture's Digital Human Platform

Big Latto for Sprite and the Atlanta Hawks

Wild Capture has officially announced our "Digital Human Platform", a turnkey solution for the creation of digital humans, volumetric crowds and CG fashion for media production, software and web-based deliveries.  The platform is comprised of tools for volumetric creators and professionals. It includes our Digital Fashion Toolkit, Cohort Crowd Kit, and the co-developed Universal Volumetric streaming web player

Find links to our distribution at Shoot Publicity Wire and PRWEB.

Wild Capture has been in development for 2 years on multiple products. Some of these have been with our partners, like the XR Foundation and the co-developed UVol player, to our own in house developments like our Digital Fashion Toolkit on the Cohort Crowd Kit. The idea being that creators, directors and artists are all going to want tools that provide top tier deliveries and save hundreds of hours by providing high quality customizable assets that comport to other platforms within this space.

Digital Fashion Toolkit UPDATE:

This early test below shows how Wild Capture can take a pre-existing alembic mesh input and a 2D pattern from Marvelous Designer and CLO3D and automatically pairs it to the body. An automated result. With a little bit of touch up, this result can be cleaned up for final delivery. Volumetric + CG Cloth automation. This playable volumetric video demo can be found here.

We welcome you to have a look at our Vimeo and YouTube channels and make sure to view our volumetric streaming performance gallery pages. Working from our guiding principle that data and workflow come first, Wild Capture has great plans in store for the development of the Digital Human Platform. Stay tuned to the blog for frequent updates. Thank you for stopping by.


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